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Pencil Shavings
I was staring at the dustbin subconciously while working, and found what I discarded as trash a while ago...

| posted by Ra.Ge, Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Amazing photograph. Do you do a lot of macro work? What focal length did you use for this one?
It would be nice if you could record the aperture, shutter speed, and focal length settings for the shots you put up here... I've been meaning to do it myself, but too lazy to carry a notebook...
Yes, I do too much macro work :P.

I too am lazy when it comes to writing down settings on my EOS 66 for each picture. however for this particular picture I used my Olympus C4000 and I have a java utility that reads the EXIF data and renders it in HTML. For the focal length of this one look here

for macros with my EOS, I have a set of macro filters also called Close up kits.

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